Georgia Power’s Rebate Program is Here to Stay!

Great news for anyone considering installing an EV charger in their home! Georgia Power plans on renewing its charger installation rebate program! There was concern over whether or not this program would expire on December 31, 2019, however, they do plan on moving forward with it and bringing it into the new year! The rebate program offers up to $250 for residents who install a Level 2 charging station in their home! There is also a $500 rebate per Level 2 charger installed for businesses! The website has yet to be updated, but fear not, those rebates are here to stay! Click here to see the residential and business options. Georgia Power also offers a discounted rate plan for EV owners to help minimize the cost of charging their vehicles and promote off-peak energy use! Utility companies like Georgia Power are using notable incentives like these to pave the way to make access to more affordable EV ownership available to everyone!

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