NEVI Program


Is your property located within 1 mile of a state or national highway? If so, you could be eligible to have EV Charging installed at no cost to you!

On November 15, 2021, the US Government passed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Within the bill, the federal government set aside $5 Billion dollars for the states to build a nationwide network of DC Fast Chargers along federal and state highways. This funding will be distributed to all 52 states and territories between 2022-2028 through the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (or NEVI) Program.

EnviroSpark's Offerings for NEVI:

With 10 years of experience as a turnkey EVSE solutions provider, EnviroSpark is positioned to partner with you through:

Site Evaluations

Evaluate property to determine program
eligibility, electrical capacity, and costs

Design and Build

Design, Engineer, and Install NEVI-compliant charging solutions for your property

Reliable Operation

Long-Term Operation and Maintenance Offerings to Guarantee 98% Uptime for Your Property

Financing Options

EnviroSpark offers plans to cover remaining 20% of costs- get EV Charging on your property with no cost to you!