Charging into the Future with Local GA Businesses

Charging into the Future with Local GA Businesses

As a small business, EnviroSpark sees partnering with other small businesses as essential to our mission to bring EV Charging to everywhere people live, work, and play. We have worked hand in hand with local businesses across the state to bring EV Chargers to small towns throughout Georgia. 

Not only can the businesses attract new customers by offering EV Charging, but the residents and businesses in the entire community experience the economic benefits of opening up their town to new visitors. Today, we’d like to spotlight a few of our small business partners and let them explain in their own words how working with EnviroSpark to install new EV Charging Infrastructure has benefited them and their customers:

The Dahlonega Square Hotel and Villas

The Dahlonega Square Hotel is located on the historic downtown square of Dahlonega, Georgia, and features 12 unique guest rooms and a wine tasting room.

After working with EnviroSpark to install chargers at the hotel, Sara Beth Wright, co-owner, told us that “Chargers have drawn additional guests and new business from Atlanta and other areas, people that weren’t planning to come to Dahlonega for an overnight stay. But the chargers changed that. Guests for weddings and other events now can stay over at our hotel and charge their electric vehicle.”

Cedartown Museum of Coca Cola

In Cedartown, Georgia, The Morris family transformed the outdated Coca-Cola bottling plant into a museum, preserving a piece of the town’s history in the process. The museum itself features Coca-Cola memorabilia and advertisements to educate about the brand but also to showcase the hard work and entrepreneurship that brought this brand to life. 

After the completion of the EV Charging installation at the museum, it wasn’t just the museum that saw an uptick in visitors. The museum’s receptionist said “I have seen more traffic and visitors to the museum and commercial district here on Main Street. The other merchants and retailers on Main Street have all remarked how the chargers have resulted in increased foot traffic and more customers to their businesses. And in some cases more sales/revenue.”

Old Clarkesville Mill

Old Clarkesville Mill is located in Clarkesville, Georgia, and features many different attractions such as an antique mall, and a vintage garage antiques & car museum. 

Andrew, an employee at the antique mall, told us “The chargers have helped tremendously; brought a lot of people with EVs that never would have come otherwise, as a result our revenues increased. The car museum has also been very happy with the chargers, brought them new customers and additional business.”

Electric Vehicle Charging for Your Small Business

Feedback like this from our customers is invaluable to us at EnviroSpark. We are so proud to become a part of small town communities and to help our customers thrive. With federal, state, and utility funding opportunities available for limited time, now is the time to make the investment for EV chargers. Installing EV charging infrastructure for small businesses is what we do, and we’d love to partner with you! To find out more about how we can help your business get EV Chargers installed at little to no cost, contact us today by filling out our Contact Us Form, by emailing us at [email protected], or by calling at (844) 4ESPARK (844.431.1215).

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