The Fight for Federal Tax Incentives Lives On!

Despite the fact that Congress failed to include an extension of the EV tax credit in the final federal spending bill last December, there is still hope for EV federal tax incentives! Bipartisan bills like the Driving America Forward Act are still uniting politicians from both sides of the political spectrum behind improving the affordability of EVs and expanding the EV market in the US! So far, Tesla and GM have both already sold over 200,000 electric cars, triggering the beginning of their phase-out from the tax credit program. Once a manufacturer’s phase-out begins, the $7,500 in possible tax credit will be halved to $3,750 for six months, then halved again to $1,875 for another six months. After that, it goes down to zero. While it’s great that people are converting to EVs, this 200,000 threshold is quickly approaching for more and more car manufacturers. Although phase-outs for the current federal tax incentive have already started, there is still time for Congress to negotiate an extension! The best way to show your support is to let your elected officials know that you want to see more EV friendly legislation passed! Click here to find out how to contact your legislators.