Palm Holdings Hotel Parking Lots Just Got Greener!

Palm Holdings is excited to announce the installation of twenty-two high-powered, electric vehicle charging stations for guest use across their properties in Canada and the United States.  The new stations, installed through a partnership with electric auto manufacturer Tesla Motors and charging installation company EnviroSpark Energy Solutions, are located at Palm Holdings prominent Hotels.

The charging stations will provide eco-friendly guests with a full or near-full charge on their electric vehicles in as little as 4 hours (depending on existing charge level and battery size), which will make any stay at a Palm Holdings hotel even more rewarding.

“At Palm Holdings we continue to invest and believe in sustainability, making a difference in our communities and our World. Our partners Clean the World, Tesla, EnviroSpark, and all of our team members share our corporate culture of making a difference” said Anil Taneja, President, Palm Holdings North America.

Not only will these stations serve as an amenity for Palm Holdings’ environmentally conscientious guests, but they will also serve to bolster Palm Holdings’ commitment to cleaner air and environmental stewardship in Ontario, Nova Scotia, and Florida.

Electric vehicles are growing at an increasingly rapid rate in Canada and the United States, largely due to proactive steps by manufacturers, utilities, and government regulators to make electric vehicles and charging stations more affordable.  These efforts, however, would not be nearly as effective without respected business leaders and organizations taking the lead and installing public charging.

The steady increase in charging infrastructure will continue to promote the growth of the electric vehicle market and make the world a cleaner, more efficient place.  Knowing that there is charging available at travel destinations will make it much more attractive for those considering the purchase of an electric vehicle to do so, as they will no longer have to worry about having enough charge to make it through travel trips and stays.

The increase in electric vehicles will also help local economies, as money spent to power electric vehicles stays in the local region will go to local utilities that hire local workers and pay local taxes. Additionally, increases in electric vehicles and infrastructure will create new jobs in the emerging industry, further enhancing local and national economies.

For more information please contact Paul Sutton at [email protected].