How Networked EV Chargers Can Benefit Your Small Business

Drive traffic. Drive sales. Drive loyalty. Then repeat. Sound good? At EnviroSpark, we think so.

Indeed, retailers are always talking about “driving traffic,” but with EnviroSpark now they literally can. Drivers of EV’s typically are middle to upper class individuals with disposable income. They will also spend more for products and services that makes the world a better place and that are healthier for their families, friends, and future generations. Why not use our EV charging stations to attract these conscientious consumers?

Retail Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers


  • Drive traffic
  • Attract new customers
  • Encourage loyalty through preferred parking and loyalty reward programs.
  • Provide branding engagement opportunity
  • Generate measurable ROI

Networked Power

EnviroSpark makes the whole process of installing and managing EV charging stations simple for you, because our helpful staff installs the world’s best “smart” charging stations. A “smart” charging station is simply one that is networked with technology that simplifies your life. Don’t you already have enough to worry about when it comes to running your business?

Through EnviroSpark, your business gains access to the world’s largest and most open EV charging network with over 18,600 public level 2 and DC fast charging spots. The network is growing rapidly, adding over 500 new charging ports every month.

EnviroSpark provides you with everything you need to manage your EV charging operations, including flexible management tools, rich data analysis, payment processing and 24x7x365 driver support. The Commercial Plan is perfect for organizations looking to make EV charging part of their daily operations.

  • Provide station location and availability to customers
  • Manage customer parking behavior
  • Track customer visits
  • Provide third-party support to EV driving customers
  • Manage your energy usage and costs
  • Monetize your charging offering
  • Get 24/7 real-time visibility to station status and function
  • Generate usage reports and analytics

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