Government Grants Help UGA Purchase Electric Bus Fleet


The University of Georgia recently unveiled the newest addition to their already impressive bus fleet. In mid-February, the first all-electric buses rolled onto campus. At first, the buses were used for campus tours, but soon after, they were hauling students to and from class. UGA plans on adding thirteen more electric buses to its fleet of twenty.  This gives UGA the largest electric bus fleet of any university in the nation. The original twenty buses were purchased after the University was awarded a competitive grant through the Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority.  However, the additional thirteen will be purchased with a grant of $7.46 million from the Federal Transit Administration Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities Program.

These grants are designed to invest in public transportation for areas that need a little extra support, like college towns, tribal lands, rural areas, and areas with a high population. The grant money can be used to invest in new buses, rehabilitating old buses, revamping or expanding infrastructure, or, in this case, switching to zero or low emission buses. Without these grants, transportation access and infrastructure would likely be years behind in certain areas of the United States. Grants like these allow the government to step in and ensure that areas have access to reliable, safe, and vital public transportation. To learn more about the federal bus grants, check out this link