Georgia’s House Bill 732 Plans to Restore the State Tax Credit!

Big things are happening in Georgia! Representative Todd Jones, a member of the Georgia General Assembly, has introduced a bill that would once again incentivize Georgia residents to purchase electric vehicles. Five years ago Georgia went from being one of the most EV friendly states to one of the least. This came after the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Tax Credit and the Zero Emission Vehicle Tax Credit expired in July of 2015. However, Representative Jones’ proposed bill, House Bill 732, strives to provide state income tax credits for purchasing new EVs and charging equipment. HB 732 is still in the very early stages of edits, but hopefully one day it will be ready to help Georgians convert to EVs! As a Georgia voter, the best thing you can do would be to keep an eye on the bill’s status on the GGA website, go over the edits to confirm you support each point, and, when the time comes, contact your local state representatives and tell them you support HB 732 and would like to see it pass! Click here to check out HB 732 and here to read an interview CleanTechnica did with Representative Todd Jones.